More Countries Want To Make USB Type C As The Common Charging Standard For Mobiles

After the EU passed the law to make USB Type C the standard charging port for mobile devices, other countries are planning a similar move. The US has already floated the idea for manufacturers in the region, and this week, we have another contender looking for a common standard for charging.

Brazil is the new country which wants to make USB Type C the default charging standard for mobile devices sold in the region. The suggestion has been made by the Wireless regulator of Brazil, which is now asking the people in the country whether they would like a similar ruling in the region.

Even the companies can share their opinion on the matter, and all of them have until August 26 to share their say.

While the EU has sought USB Type C as the charging standard for a host of devices, the Brazilian body wants to make it the standard for smartphones only. The new development will put further pressure on Apple, which is the only manufacturer in the industry to continue using its lightning connector instead of USB Type C for smartphones.

The company has already made the switch to iPad and Macs, but iPhones have been left out. However, all these rulings could force Apple’s hand eventually, which is what some reports have suggested in the past few months.

It has been reported that Apple could move the iPhone to USB Type C in 2024 with the iPhone 15 series, as hinted by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who tracks Apple and shares the company updates regularly.

We are still a long way from making USB Type C the de-facto charging standard for devices, but looking at how countries are drafting laws in this regard, that future doesn’t seem too long away now. Either way, we are hoping the push to reduce e-waste has the right ending, and Apple finally obliges with a much-awaited move.